About Us

About Us

All About Food Service

Welcome to “All About Food Service” a new company designed & dedicated to bringing you, our customers, the products, and services you need daily.

The company was founded on the back of several successful case studies within Food Service from our sister company Direct Sourcing Ingredients. Our industry knowledge and relationships quickly helped grow and develop a strong product portfolio and problem-solving service for our customer’s needs. It is our intention now to replicate our success across the industry and become the go to company for sourcing new products and innovation.

Our Objective

Is very simple: To bring to the UK Foodservice marketplace & beyond, a range of unique Fresh & Natural Food & Drink products with “tomorrow” in mind but delivered “today”. In addition, we will soon be launching an exciting range of innovative products under the UK Foodservice Industry’s newest brand that is’, “Et Voila!”. These products are specifically aimed with the discerning but growing vegetarian market in mind whose demands for a “cleaner” ingredient declaration optimised. Great tasting products that are healthy & delicious that can be consumed & enjoyed by all. Just click on the “Et Voila!” link to see what’s currently available but remember to re-visit frequently for latest updates.

Our Aim

To be the Foodservice Industry’s No 1 go to company for sourcing new products and “come to” company for Innovation.

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